Window Mountboards

We've got plenty of window mountboards therefore if you're designing your frame or just want a window mountboard, look no further!

Window Mountboards

If you're still unsure about window mountboard, the following might help. Ignore the colour choices but think of your picture touching the glass. Within a room, that isn't air conditioned, throughout the day there would be different temperature changes. Humidity can occur allowing the frame's glass to become moist, which may lead to it sticking to the picture and separating them can permanently damage the picture.

If though you don't want a window mountboard, we strongly recommend spacers. These go between the rebate and the glass and do create a gap. If you've got pastels, there is also another reason for having a gap. Without it the part of the pigment will transfer to the glass.

Manufacturing technology changes therefore in 2019 Fine Art Trade Guild (FATG) reviewed their previous standards for window mountboards and framing. Due to the changes they decided to alter the categories and to simplify they're using the same names in both mountboards and framing. The 'Names' shows them in order and 'Protection' and 'Material' indicates why this is the case. 'Time Expectancy' assumes that the entire frame is made to FATG normal standards together with the way it's kept (details are shown below). If the frame was made on such a year, the 'Inspection' suggests you having it checked by ALB-Framing or another FATG framer.

Names Protection Material Time Expectancy Inspection
Level 1 Ultimate Protection 100% Virgin Cotton Fibre Excess 35 years 5 Years
Level 2 High Protection Alpha Cellulose Excess 20 years 5 Years
Level 3 Mid Protection White Core About 5 years N/A
Level 4 Low Protection Cream Core N/A N/A

Your budget is an important factor however, protecting your artwork is a prime factor. We're happy to price at the different levels, though we wouldn't recommend Level 4.

Window mountboards can be single, double or even triple. The aperture can be made a rectangle, square, circle or oval and a combination of them can be used:

If though you're aware of the window mountboards you require, please contact us and we'll reply with the price.

FATG Standards: The aim of FATG is to benefit you by creating the standard benchmark that we must work too. As well as this they have shown the ideal way a picture frame should be hung and kept:

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