SnapShut Albums

These albums give you the ability to store your prints and, at some future time, either add (if space is allowed) or remove some. Instead of using glue, the covers have a hinge and when opening wide enough it'll snap open for you to place your pictures. When closing, the hinge will snap shut and your pictures are safe. Opening the album willn't force it to snap open, unless that was your intention.

The spin is 25mm and if the prints were 250gsm then roughly the folio album would allow 35 prints. The covers are black with a leather effect.

SnapShut Folio

SizeFormatPrice (£)
A5Landscape - Leather - Black25.00
A5Portrait - Leather - Black25.00
A4Landscape - Leather - Black30.00
A4Portrait - Leather - Black30.00
A3Landscape - Leather - Black60.00
A3Portrait - Leather - Black60.00
A3+Landscape - Leather - Black65.00
A3+Portrait - Leather - Black65.00
10" x 10"Square - Leather - Black25.00

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